Ken Huntly: It’s all about mindset

“A good friend of mine constantly raved about CrossFit (I know, shocking) and I saw the physical transformation she went through. I was working out with a trainer at the time and not seeing anywhere near the same results, while paying twice the money. I went to an on-ramp class and fell in love with the movements and learning an entirely new way of approaching a workout.

My first impression was, I’m going to kill myself if I try and do X,Y, or Z.  My mindset has changed in that I’m not afraid to push myself with movement or weight anymore because I’m not afraid to fail. My previous workouts never provided results because I wasn’t challenging myself, I was playing it safe without even knowing it.

My favorite parts of CrossFit are all things with a barbell and these crazy awesome people who are part of our community.

Through CrossFit I have much more confidence in my ability to be strong, because I’m not afraid to fail in the gym. I know now it’s a critical part of the process and continuing to improve.“