Jeremy Bremer: Always Astonishing Myself

I started CrossFit after my then-fiancee-now-wife and I spent the final days of 2016 once again lamenting that we had not been as physically active as we had wanted to be. We had discussed trying something new — something with a sense of community and that was unconventionally athletic. There was extra impetus to do so with our wedding on the horizon in May so after booking a few things in that regard, I surprised her (read: terrified her) by setting up a meeting with a coach and getting us going on the on-ramp.

My first impression was terror and ‘how can I possibly make my tiny-little Arts major body lift heavy things in such a choreographed way.’ I am astonished that I am able to do about 90% of what I’m able to do before the workout (one day snatches and my body will understand each other).

My favorite part of each workout is the moment in the second-to-last rep or set or minute (whatever the unit of the day is) when everything is at peak and my mind is at rest.

Since I’ve started I can now can hang with the big boys on some of the “big boy” movements!