How to Lose 30lbs in 90-days

Raise your hand 🖐 if you’ve tried one or more of these programs . . .

✅ Weight Watchers
✅ Atkin Diet
✅ P90x
✅Weightloss Pills
✅Jennie Craig
✅South Beach

Now raise your hand 🖐 if you’ve experienced any of these things during one of those programs . . .

❌The program left you hangry and set up for failure.
❌Once complete you still felt uncomfortable, bloated, and unhealthy.
❌There was no accountability to keep you on track.
❌You wanted the workout to be the best hour of your day but it quickly turned into something you dread.

If you have ever experienced any of these things I promise you you’re not alone.

Weight loss programs should never make you feel insecure, uncomfortable in your skin, or like a waste of money.

The best programs should give you energy, a positive mindset, a supportive community, and the accountability and guidance you need to succeed.

The secret to losing 30lbs is consistency. The secret is having a healthy relationship with yourself, food, and working out.

Here is how we have helped 100+ people lose 30lbs and live their best life possible:

Step 1: We create a plan for you and your unique needs and circumstances.

Our professional coaches establish a customized plan based around you and your goals. No mass-produced cookie-cutter programs sold by an online ‘coach’.

Our staff works with you to figure out what is most important to them and establish an actionable plan combining fitness and nutrition coaching that delivers results.

Step 2: We keep you accountable.

How many times have you signed up for a gym or online program and never used it? Worse yet, can you remember a time where the gym or coach reached out to you to get you back on track?

Unlike most gyms, we WANT to see our clients daily. We want to talk to them and know how they’re feeling. If they go missing for a week or two we reach out to see how they’re doing and make sure they’re staying consistent with their program.

Step 3: We give you measurable results to track progress.

We don’t know where to start unless we know where you are at. Our coaches develop all of our client’s programs by tracking key metrics such as weight, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage. We measure these via our InBody scanner on days 0, 30, 60, and 90 for all new clients to show results and keep you moving forward.

Interested in beginning your 90-day journey? Schedule a FREE INTRO with a coach today.