Hope Novak: No Limits

I started CrossFit after trying numerous personal trainers and gyms. I easily found myself bored with the same routine using a personal trainer and when I went to the gym by myself, I never knew what equipment to use and how to target certain areas of my body to gain strength and lose weight. I used to watch the CrossFit Games on TV and always thought it looked challenging and fun at the same time. When I saw the New You Challenge on Facebook, I thought why not give it a try and here I am some 7 months later.

I was initially a little nervous starting CrossFit because I wasn’t sure I was going to like working out in a group setting. I also realized I had a lot of terminology to learn because, let’s face it, Power Snatches, Cleans, Split Jerks, Thrusters, etc. were not in my everyday vocabulary. But, I also realized I was not alone; everyone in my class was new just like me and we were all facing the same challenges. The New You Challenge gave me the foundation to start and continue in CrossFit. And as far as group workouts, I love them, it’s always a good time and I’ve never given so many fist bumps in my life.

My favorite part of CrossFit is the sense of community in the gym. It is amazing to see how everyone pushes and supports each other inside and outside the gym. I played a lot of team sports growing up and this feels just like a team. When you walk through the doors at Arsenal Strength, you become part of that team. Your teammates are there to support you, to push you, to make sure you achieve your goals and to celebrate with you when you achieve them. The coaches are also exceptional. Each and every one of them care about you and want you to reach your goals. The coaches truly have your best interest at heart by making sure you reach your goals while doing it safely. If they feel you do not have the movement just right, they will continue to have you scale down until the movement is correct to ensure injuries are prevented. They give me the confidence to build strength and improve my form. The community and the coaches are by far the best part of CrossFit.

Since starting CrossFit I have learned that there is no limit to my fitness goals. Things I have never been able to do before I am doing now; I am stronger and more confident both physically and emotionally. I will be turning the BIG 5-0 in a few months and I am in the best shape I have ever been. I will be attempting my first marathon this May (one of the items on my bucket list before I turn 50), and thanks to CrossFit, I feel I can actually complete it and even if I don’t finish the full marathon, I know I will be back at CrossFit working hard to accomplish it one day.