Head, Heart, Hands

At Arsenal, our vision is to help everyone who walks through our doors change their lives through fitness and nutrition coaching and by creating meaningful relationships.

This vision starts with education, moves to empathy, and finishes with accountability. Head > Heart > Hands. In that order.


When a new client walks through our doors we don’t guess at what they want and put a plan together blindly to help them reach their goals. We use hard data to figure at where they are out now by calculating their weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass. We ask what has worked in the past and what hasn’t worked in the past so we don’t waste time on strategies that have already failed.


Making the right decision is only half of doing the right thing. Change needs to be delivered with empathy and care. Everyone who walks through our doors has different experiences and backgrounds. Some are ready to jump right in and some are more apprehensive. It’s our job as coaches to understand where our clients are coming from and meet them at a place where they are most comfortable and will start to see real success.


Knowledge without action is useless. It’s not enough to put a great plan on paper. It needs to be executed. Having a coach means you will take massive action to improve your life through the fitness and nutrition plan that is created for you. You’ll have the accountability you need to push through and stay the course when things get tough.

Ready to begin your journey? Schedule a time to meet 1-on-1 with a coach who will help you take the first steps in getting exactly where you want to go.