Hanna Morris: A Gift to My Body and Mind

Before joining Just Get Fit, working out for me meant going to a large gym and putting in a lot of time on the elliptical or treadmill and a doing few crunches. I had very little idea of how to complete strength training exercises or use free weights. I never considered myself to be very athletic. I joined Arsenal and started Just Get Fit classes on a whim simply because it was located near my apartment.

Just Get Fit changed my view on everything I previously thought I know about fitness and exercise. Megan designs each class as a full body workout, with a healthy mix of both cardio and strength. Each class has a ton of variety and is never boring. It is so different from the once monotonous and repetitive hours I put in on the elliptical!

Like almost anything new, I found the classes difficult and a little intimidating at first. However, Megan was always happy to answer questions or address any concerns. She always provided modifications or alternatives for exercises to allow me to improve at my own pace and find the “just right” challenge each time. In addition, the small class sizes created a supportive community where all the participants encourage and cheer each other on.

After almost two years with Just Get Fit, I feel much stronger and healthier than before. Most importantly, I feel more confident in myself. I work out now, not because I feel like I have to, or as another item on the to do list, but because I genuinely enjoy pushing myself and feeling satisfaction after finishing a tough workout. I look at these classes as a form of self-care and a gift to my body and mind. I’m so happy I stumbled upon Arsenal and Just Get Fit.