Friday, September 8th

Strength: Retest of Power Clean today. Make sure athletes record their numbers as they will need these next month. Athletes should try to beat previous weights by 5#.
Metcon: Try to complete big sets for this piece and don’t overpace as this should be a sprint. Weights should be challenging. Some of you may have performed this workout before. This workout is challenging mentally seeing that you’ll have a barbell in your hand for the entire piece. Don’t give in and put the bar down sooner than you need to. Go right from last set of HPC to front squats without dropping.

Power Clean 1RM

For time:
Deadlift (135, 95)
Hang Power Cleans (135, 95)
Front Squats (135, 95)

L3: (115, 75)
L2: (95, 65)
L1: (75, 55)
9:00 Cap