Friday, April 15

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Back Squat
5 – 3 – 1
Back Squat
5 – 3 – 1

Today is all about the Back Squat. Think of it as a day to try to max out for 5-3-1 reps, similarly to the Power Snatch day last week. This means we are dedicating all of the Warmup and Prep portions of the session to preparing the body for the Back Squat.


Score all 3 Sets of Back Squats (5-3-1).

WOD Goal

We want everyone to go as heavy as they can for all three sets. Use this as an opportunity to Max out your 5-3 and 1 rep Maxes. Remember, some days people just don’t have it, or they are fatigued from previous workouts, haven’t eaten well, just PR’ed recently, etc., etc., so aim to go as heavy as you can for TODAY!

Beyond RXD

For Quality:
50 Strict Pull ups
NOTE: Goal is to complete the work in as few sets as possible.