Establishing a Foundation of Fitness

One of our potential clients’ biggest fears is getting started. They ask where do I begin? Are you going to through me in class next to people who have been working out for years? Do I need to get in shape before I get started?

As coaches, our job is to put clients in the best position to succeed. We are responsible for setting them on a path that will not only instill confidence and make them feel comfortable but most importantly to see results in both the short and long term.

We realized long ago that it is a disservice to both new members and current members alike to throw potential clients with no experience in a group setting. It can be overwhelming, intimidating, and frustrating which will inevitably impact the overall experience and progress of everyone involved negatively.

Rather than introducing new clients to Arsenal Strength in a CrossFit class, we opt for a more practical approach that prioritizes individual training, nutrition coaching, and a select number of Bootcamp classes that is designed to build confidence and establish a foundation of fitness that will give them the greatest amount of success moving forward.

We call this On-Ramp.

At Arsenal, On-Ramp has two paths:

Path 1 – Ideal for new clients with little to no fitness/nutrition experience.

This begins with a four-week sprint. Its purpose is to build confidence, lay a foundation of fitness, and provide momentum through accountability that will lead to sustained success in the future.

The first four weeks of this journey are comprised of two 60-minute personal training sessions as well as two Bootcamp classes per week. In week 1, there is also a 90-minute fitness consultation with one of our nutrition coaches to develop a customized nutrition program for the new client.

Once the first four weeks are complete we hold our first check-in. This is your second 1-on-1 meeting with our nutrition coach to track our progress, discuss what is working, and make adjustments as needed. For those who need more accountability, personal training and group classes continue. Those who have been consistent and have developed a routine graduate into the full schedule of CrossFit and Bootcamp classes where they will continue to have check-ins each month.

Path 2 – Ideal for clients with fitness experience in the past.

For those who already have a basic foundation of fitness, we have Path 2. Similar to Path 1, but with less personal training. Unlike the first option, Path 2 is meant to refine movement and reinforce core concepts. It is not meant to physically prepare new clients for group classes.

On this path members will experience two 60-minute personal training sessions as well as two Bootcamp classes in their first two weeks.
Once they have completed all four 1-on-1 sessions they will be able to take advantage of the full CrossFit and Bootcamp class schedule.

As seen in Path 1, there will also be check-ins each month to ensure success and track progress.

Not sure which is path is right for you? Schedule a FREE intro with a coach today to find out!