Don’t Go At It Alone

I’ve never done anything by myself. When I was learning to walk and talk I had parents to show me how. When I was learning to read and write I had teachers at school. When I wanted to learn a new sport I had coaches teach me the skills I needed to accel. For some reason, when we become adults, we are told we have to figure things out for ourselves. We spend our whole lives learning from others and now that’s over.

This is a sentiment that I refuse to believe. When a client comes to us with a health or fitness problem the path to success is clear to us and because they came to us for help we can reach their goals hand in hand much quicker than they could have on their own. As coaches, these are just a few of the responsibilities we have to our clients:

Provide Guidance Through Expertise
At Arsenal, our vision is to help clients live their best lives possible through fitness and nutrition coaching. It’s much easier to get where you are going if you’ve been there before. When we work with clients we are generally working with people who have never successfully lost 30lbs or more on their own or have never run a 5k before. What they need to reach their goals is a coach. Someone who has helped hundreds of other people get to their ideal weight and accomplish things they never thought possible. If I were going to build a house I’d hire a carpenter. If you need to lose weight you should hire a coach.

Act as a Support System
We all need support. We all need someone to pick us up when we fall. Someone to help brush off the dust and get us back on course. Telling someone how to do something isn’t going to get them where they need to go. They need constant support from their coaches and peers to be truly successful in their endeavors.

Hold Them Accountable
Support and accountability are not the same things. There are times when we need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on and then there are times where we need a good kick in the butt. We hold our clients accountable by setting goals. When we first meet clients we dig deep to find out what really matters to them. Why do they want to lose 50lbs? Is it because they can’t play with their kids without getting winded or has their doctor told them they’re prediabetic? Setting goals and a timetable to complete them is what keeps us accountable to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Celebrate Their Wins
If we can’t enjoy the journey what is the point? At Arsenal, our clients have small wins every day. For some, it might be finding the strength to show up to class that day. For others, it could be finally reaching that weight mark or getting their first pull-up. Wins create momentum and celebrating them becomes addicting. The best part? New clients experience a big win on Day 1 just by signing up! When new clients make the decision to dedicate themselves to a change they are giving themselves the best win of all and an enormous feeling of empowerment when they realize they can accomplish anything they want in life, they just have to say YES to the journey first.

Ready to begin your journey? Our coaches are standing by to discuss your goals and celebrate your first win with you. Schedule a time to meet 1-on-1 today!