Consistent, Imperfect Action

None of us are perfect and too often we get caught up in trying to place ourselves in what we view as a ‘perfect’ scenario.

We wait for the perfect time.

Wait for the perfect place.

And when we think that time and place have arrived we put enormous pressure on ourselves to play our dream out perfectly, only to find that things aren’t quite as perfect as we thought and we need to begin again. The truth is that there will never be a perfect time or a perfect place to begin chasing your goals. If you want to be successful you need to take consistent, imperfect action.

How many times have you told yourself you want to begin that new fitness program, but you have to lose 20lbs first? Or how many times have you started a new diet with a plan to be ‘perfect’ until the end, only to fall short a few days in scratch the whole thing? Being ‘perfect’ isn’t realistic and it is not what is going to lead you to success. Success comes from taking consistent, imperfect action over a long period of time.

Since 2015 we have worked with thousands of clients.

We have had clients who promised themselves to work out five days a week and following through for their first month only to never be seen again. We have had clients who have signed up, paid their membership for months and never came to one class.

Neither scenario leads to success.

The clients who have had the most success? The ones who show up consistently 3-4 days per week over the long haul. They show up regardless of whether they are sore, what the weather is like, whether they missed a day or two, or whether they lost track of their diet over the weekend.

The successful ones are the ones who understand that the goal is not to aim for perfection, but to strive for consistency.

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