Top Reasons to Run with a Group

For a lot of people running provides us with a chance to get away from reality and get lost in our thoughts and head. We don’t have to worry about anyone else’s schedule or the weather that is scheduled to arrive later that evening. To avoid burning out, I would argue that training alone is not the ideal way to train for a race. Think of CrossFit for example, part of the reason we all love it so much is because of the group environment and community around it. If this is the case for CrossFit then wouldn’t it make sense for running?

Being part of a run group doesn’t have to be super formal, nor does it have to be your only method of training. A run group should merely increase your motivation to run and help push you through those problematic training runs that otherwise might not happen on your own!

Here are my top 5 reasons to run with a group.

#1. Accountability
When you know other people are relying on you to show up and run with them, you are more likely to do so. Plus once you do show up you are more likely to work harder with the rest of the group then you would have on your own.

#2. Coaching
Most run groups have an experienced coach. This gives you access to tons of running specific advice (Nutrition, Pacing, Race Strategy, etc.) as well as access to specific training plans to help you meet your goals as a runner.

#3. Connection
Joining a running group instantly puts you around people with similar interests or goals as you. After all, you wouldn’t be interested in joining a running group if you didn’t like running or wanted to check a race off your bucket list right? Just like anything the more support you have, the better off we will be!

#4. Varying Paces and Speed
Just like any sport we all start at various levels. Running is no different. A run group provides you a chance to run with people of various speeds and experience without feeling like you are holding someone back. As you improve as a runner, you can also start to challenge yourself by joining in on a slightly faster group.

#5 Safety
All runners have heard nightmare stories when people have been running in the dark or on trails alone. There is always strength in numbers, and this issue becomes non-existent. It’s also nice to know that if you pick up an injury mid-run or take a fall that people are around you to make sure that you are ok.

Still not sure running with a group is for you? Schedule a time to come in and talk to Vincent about your goals as a runner. We will be starting an 8-week marathon training group March 12th to get you ready for the marathon. Email [email protected] to sign up or get more details!