What to look for in a CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit and functional fitness have taken the world by storm over the past three years. What used to be a bunch of fit men and women working out at a barn has turned into the biggest fitness competition in the world.   Every major city has a dozen of boxes with a variety of different coaches, but what makes a gym and trainer the right choice for you personally?

Here are the four things you should look for when considering joining a box or hiring a CrossFit trainer:

#1 Lots of variety, but not a lot of planning

Just because a coach makes you do a bunch of different exercises doesn’t mean that you are becoming a better athlete. A coach should have a periodized plan that is specific to you and your goals. If you are looking to get stronger than performing sets of 20 deadlifts at a lightweight and teaching you double unders isn’t going to get you there, at least not as fast as you could. Make sure you let your coach know your specific goals so that you can set up a long-term plan.

#2 Your coach lets you jump right in at 100%

Ever wonder why we require an on-ramp process before diving into classes? CrossFit has specific movement preparation as well as progressive exercise variations to ensure that you safely learn new methodologies; trainers that don’t know what they’re doing, don’t care for your safety or don’t understand (either choice is dangerous for you).

#3 You are struggling or performing the exercise incorrectly, and your trainer isn’t stopping you

When you played sports as a kid, how often was your coach content with a mistake you made? The chances are that you got an earful and had some penalty!  Same should be true for the majority of technical training lifts; if you’re performing rep after rep, fatigue can set in and start to affect your form.  If the exercise you’re doing just feels wrong, you should be getting guidance from your trainer! CrossFit trainers should have specific keywords that will keep your form in check, as well as a list of exercise modifications that they will make for you so that your safety is always priority #1.

#4 Inadequate warm-up

One of the critical aspects of CrossFit is encouraging the highest level of fitness throughout your ENTIRE LIFE. This point cannot be accomplished without a proper warm up and cool down. If you show up to your session and go immediately into strength work, your trainer has missed a significant opportunity to prepare your body and reduce your risk of injury. Your trainer should have some specific movements to make your body ready for the lifts you are about to perform.

Finding a qualified CrossFit trainer may seem difficult right now, but it is not impossible! The coaching staff at Arsenal Strength is working day and night to create new programs that will have you reaching your goals in no time! Contact us today to set up your free No-Sweat intro!