Fall Football Survival Guide

Although the weather doesn’t seem so, Fall is upon us. This means heading to pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and most importantly FOOTBALL SEASON!

I’ll be the first to admit there is nothing better than heading to your favorite bar with friends, ordering two dozen wings, sharing pitchers of beer, and yelling at the TV to cheer on the Steelers or Panthers (Sorry Penn State).

The unfortunate reality, however, is that this while enjoyable and sometimes necessary cheat day can quickly become a tortuous path. Considering the NFL and College seasons are now over five months, this could turn into 20 to 40 “cheat days.”

This article is in no way telling you that you need to skip every tailgate and party and opt for a kale shake, but rather to help guide you to making better choices during the season to avoid losing all of your gainz!

#1 Plan Your Workouts Ahead of Time

If you know you are heading out to watch the big game, make sure to wake up a little earlier than usual to get a workout in. This will allow you to burn some of the calories you’ll be consuming and kick-start your metabolism that day. Is Sunday usually your rest day? No problem! Just make sure to switch to water later on in the day to ensure Sunday Funday doesn’t ruin your Monday morning workout routine.

#2 Eat a Bigger Breakfast

Most of us think that saving room for calories later on in the day makes sense; however, studies have found that eating a meal before going out for a night results in less overall caloric intake. So before you head out for the big game, eat a healthy home cooked meal, and you’ll find yourself eating less nachos and wings.

#3 Bust Out The Grill

One of the greatest things about tailgating and football is the ability to grill while hanging out with friends. The problem is we typically throw on processed hot dogs and frozen pre-packaged burgers. These foods usually pack around 275-450 calories and let’s be honest how many of us eat only one? A better solution is to marinate your chicken overnight and take it with you to grill. Chicken is low in fat and high in protein which will leave you feeling more satiated and leave you more calories for your favorite alcoholic beverage.

#4 Get back on Track the Next Day

It is easy to want to fall off the wagon entirely after eating and drinking for an entire day/weekend. Do not fall into this trap. Whatever variance you had of your routine is in the past. Move forward and get back on track immediately. Your body will thank you!

In closing enjoy the fall, enjoy football, enjoy beer, and enjoy the company of those who are closest to you. Just remember everything in moderation and get right back on track the next day! As always we are here to help if you ever have any questions or are just looking to get back on track!