5 Steps to Avoid Stressing During the Holidays

Often in life, we face tasks that seem impossible, around the holidays these tasks seem to mount up even more frequently. Presents, parties, food, drinks, family, friends the holidays can sometimes be the most stressful time of the year.

Questions arise such as, how am I going to afford all these gifts, will he or she even like it, when am I going to have time to exercise, should I have another two or three Christmas cookies? On top of that, we have parties and events every weekend, and there is no time to cook, so we find ourselves eating out and breaking up our regular diet and routine. This happens to all of us! The question is how do we survive? How do we not go crazy and stress out during what is supposed to be the best time of year?

Here are five simple steps you can take to enjoy the holidays rather than go crazy.

1. Plan your meals and exercise at the start of every week.

Just because you are busier than usual doesn’t mean that we should throw off our weekly routine. Plan out your meals and exercise on Sunday. Meal prep once you have your plan made and schedule your rest days during times you know you have events or lots of running around to do. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail!

2. Take your favorite healthy dish to your holiday parties

Even if you go to a party or get together and everything is fried or loaded with sugar, if you bring a healthy dish there will be at least one option for you to not dive entirely into the deep end. Remember everything in moderation! If you break your diet at a party just make sure to jump right back into your routine the next day. Also, remember eating a healthy meal BEFORE your party is a great strategy to avoid overeating.

3. Meditate or take extra time to yourself

The holidays are overwhelming; we all have been there. We feel run down and tired, so we drown our emotions with cookies and booze. A lot of times this can all be avoided by taking the first ten minutes we wake up or ten minutes before bed to meditate or reflect on the day. By reminding ourselves what we are thankful for, reflecting on things we could do better or differently, and being grateful for what we have, even our worse problems somehow seem to get better. Remember a problem is only a problem until we find a solution.

4. Opt Outside

Sometimes during the holidays, we find ourselves crammed inside because it’s too cold. Recommending friends meet up to ski or ice skate is a great way to not only be physically active but also avoid things like excessive food and alcohol. Also, another great way to feel less bad after a big meal is to put on your jacket and head outside for a walk. You’ll burn some calories and let your food digest!

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Pie does not turn out the way you expected? Spouse hate the gift you thought they’d love? Get drunk at the Arsenal Christmas Party and make a fool of yourself? Who cares! Let the past be the past. Pies can be remade, gifts can be returned, and we’ve all been the drunken clown at some point in our life. Laugh it off and enjoy every second of the holiday season cause, after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!