Michelle Lesifko: Can’t isn’t an Option

“I got married last month, and Jeremy and I started CrossFit in January as a way to get in shape for the big day.  Also, I quit smoking 2 years ago, and gained some weight that I haven’t been able to lose – I joined Crossfit as a way to fit effective workouts into my day-to-day routine.

I was really intimidated when I first started; everyone seemed so much more in shape than I am.  As I’ve continued and met other Arsenal Strength crew members, I’ve realized that everyone is doing Crossfit at his/her own pace.  I’ve learned to appreciate the milestones on my personal Crossfit journey, and have been moved by the support from coaches and other crew.

Barbell work!  I feel strong and motivated when lifting is part of the workout.  My dad played football in college, and it’s been really cool to bond with him over doing the same work that he used to do (Dad is always impressed — he’s my biggest fan :).  I hesitate to say this, but also pushing myself to do something that I don’t feel strong at….cough….running…..cough….has also been really rewarding.  I can get frustrated with myself and my limitations, and Crossfit and the Arsenal coaches have been teaching me to be patient with myself and believe that I can finish the workout and celebrate regardless of the time.

Like I said above, I’ve learned to let go of my frustrations with myself.  I’m slowly learning to take “I Can’t” out of my vocabulary.  I’m doing a Paleo challenge right now, and am so floored by how easy it has been to stick with it and how effective it has been so far at jumpstarting my weight loss.  Oh, and this isn’t about me, but I’ve learned that my husband is a badass, even though he wouldn’t say so. 🙂 “