Amy Sutch: There is ALWAYS Room for Improvement

“I first got into CrossFit because I was regularly doing high intensity and strength training for over a year in the same space as Arsenal Strength.  I needed a place that was consistent with their classes and would kick my ass on a regular basis.  And my trainer/friend Vincent just broke the news to me that he was becoming a CrossFit coach (Little did he know that I had a prior conversation with Brooks about joining) 🙂

I was very intimidated and downright scared at first. What I always heard about Crossfit was that they were extreme workouts with great odds of you hurting yourself.  After, many 6am training sessions with Vincent, I would ask him questions about it (I know, imagine that, me asking questions). I would also observe the coaches correcting the athletes when they were putting themselves at risk for hurting themselves. My outlook on CrossFit now is this: great workouts that kick my ass, amazing people beside me cheering me on when I feel that I can’t go on anymore, great coaches that not only help me excel but put up with my bitching, and an outstanding community that look out for each other.  

My favorite part about CrossFit is the people, hands down.  I have made some really good friends from it and I am only in my 4th month. I am also a fan of the scaling options; CrossFit is designed so anyone can do it and I love that about it.  

I have learned that there is ALWAYS room for improvement and always the opportunity to work on myself.  I get out of my comfort zone in CrossFit and do things that I would never thought of doing before. On the darkest days, the days you aren’t sure you are going to get through, you put your mind to a simple physical task, exhaust yourself and speak to your soul. Exhaustion is my meditation. CrossFit is my therapy.