Thursday, August 10th

Skill: EMOM superset of static gymnastics work with heavy farmer carries. Farmer carries need to be heavy and done UB.
Metcon: This workout gets progressively harder as it progresses, but its a good opportunity for your athletes to really work on pacing and breathing and cycling the barbell. This workout should be about moving at a consistent but deliberate pace. The biggest determining factor for making the time cap is peoples ability to cycle T2B. The reminder of the movements should not be too time consuming (BB is intended to be light. Advanced athletes should shoot for sub 18:00.

EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 150 Foot Heavy Farmer Carry
EVEN Minutes: 30s handstand hold or Handstand Walk
*Adv: 30s Accumulate Volume of either Muscle-up or HSPU

For time:
Row 250 meters
50 Air Squats
25 Hang Power Cleans (115, 75)
Row 500 meters
50 Walking Lunges
20 S20H (115, 75)
Row 750 meters
50 T2B
15 Hang Squat Cleans
*22:00 Cap

L3: (95, 65)
L2: (75, 55) (Knee Raises)
L1: (65, 35) (Abmat Sit-ups)