Friday, August 11th

Strength: This week of Box Squats should be exactly the same as two weeks ago. If needed athletes can add 10-15#s but all sets should be explosive.
Metcon:Take around 7-10:00 minutes to set-up and warm-up for this metcon. C2B Pull-ups should be capable of being completed in 3 sets or less. Wallballs in 3 sets or less as well. This workout is about managing a consistent pacing as the local movement (C2B) could fatigue quick if sets are partitioned correctly.

Wide Stance Box Squat: 8×3 @ 60%

4 RFT:
15 Box Jumps w. step down (24, 20)
30 Wallballs (20, 14)
15 C2B Pull-ups

L3: (Regular Pull-ups)
L2: (20, 15) (14, 10) (Band Assisted Pull-ups)
L1: (20, 15) (10, 8) (Ring Rows)
15:00 Cap